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Integrated Manual Therapy for Lower Body Conditions.

I will use modalities such as functional assessment, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, scar tissue mobilization, myoskeletal alignment and corrective stretching, and strengthening protocols, in a very precise order. This unique multidisciplinary approach may eliminate even the most complicated pain conditions in the lower extremity immediately and permanently.

Discover this cutting edge approach for immediate relief from muscle strains, sprains, myofascial pain, trigger points, and tendonitis. 


Specific conditions addressed will be Hamstring strains or Adductor strains, Patella femoral Pain, Patella Tendinosis, Chondromalacia, IT Band Friction Syndrome, Fixated Posterior Fibular Head Pain, Abnormal Knee Rotation, Medial & Lateral Collateral Ligament Sprains, Medial and Lateral Meniscus Tears, ACL & PCL Sprains, Popliteal Pain, Plantarfascial pain, Achilles tendinosis, Posterior medial shin pain, Anterior lateral shin pain, Anterior lateral compartment syndrome, Fallen arches, Hyper-pronated feet, Ankle sprains and strains and joint arthritis. 

All muscle groups that affect the hip, knee and ankle will be brought into balance prior to treating the clinical symptoms, and the client will be given custom designed self care for each specific condition, to eliminate pain.

Leg Massage can be applied to everyone who has leg pain, also runners and cyclist etc.

Please get in touch with me at

Call: Stasys 0857 069060

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