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Press harder please, Find yourself walking away from massages feeling like you’ve been pet?  More pressure means MORE PRESSURE.  This is my specialty.

Unlike traditional massages, deep tissue massage therapy focuses on the realignment of your deeper muscle layers and connective tissues. If you experience chronic tension in your muscles and tissues or have contracted body areas, like stiff neck, tight lower back, or sore shoulders, a deep tissue massage can provide effective, long-term relief.

By using a combination of classic and advanced massage techniques, I will apply slow, deep pressure on your target areas to relieve chronic pain and tension, and improve overall health.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue treatment is specifically tailored to your body’s requirements to provide you with uniform, long-lasting relief. Some of the primary benefits of deep tissue massage treatment include:

Soothes Chronic Pain
I customize each massage to treat your specific pain points to fully relieve any and all pain by relaxing muscles, connective tissue, and fascia.

Aids Injury Rehabilitation
By relaxing an injured muscle and soothing pain, Deep tissue massage therapy can help increase blood flow and stimulate the injured area to promote healing.

Increases Mobility
Rigid, tight, or tense muscles can hinder mobility. By relaxing those areas and improving blood flow, your muscles and joints can move more freely and maintain greater flexibility.

Improves Heart, Lung, & Circulatory Function
Deep tissue massages relax the body, which is proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure while stimulating the lungs and circulation.

In addition, deep tissue massage therapy relieves stress, releases tension, detoxifies your body, and improves athletic performance.

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