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Integrated Manual Therapy for Low Back Pain, Hip Pain and Sciatica.

Specific conditions addressed will be low back pain, SI joint dysfunction, sacral torsions, lumbar compression, spinal stenosis, bulging disc pain, and ruptured discs. In addition, I will address hip pain, hip capsule problems, hip replacements, sciatica and compensatory knee pain.

To achieve musculoskeletal balance, I use modalities like functional assessment, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, multidirectional frictioningeccentric scar tissue mobilization, joint capsule release, corrective stretching and strengthening protocols.

The focus will be on balancing all muscle groups around the pelvis.

Deep pelvic contractions can cause distortions throughout the entire body. This is why pelvic stabilization is the key to structural balance. You would see that the majority of pain patterns would go away in just doing that. 

This unique multidisciplinary approach to deep tissue release for structural alignment will be completely pain free, and possibly allow for immediate and permanent results even in the most complicated pain conditions.

Back Pain Massage can be applied to everyone who has discomfort in Lower Back area.

Please get in touch with me at

Call: Stasys 0857 069060

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